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GDS Communications, Inc. wants to assist you with any aspect of your Nortel Symposium Call Center server or Nortel Contact Center Manager Server. Our most common engagements involve Supervisor and Manager Training. Our students always leave their training classes excited about the many ways that they will use their new Symposium knowledge. Many students ask why they didn't get this level and quality of training when their Symposium was installed.  While we cannot answer that question, we are flattered that everyone asks!

If you need a fresh perspective on your Symposium system, we welcome the opportunity to assist you.  Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

bulletsupervisor real time displays
bulletreports - standard and custom Crystal reports
bulletscripting - this affects how calls are pegged on the reports
bulletpriorities - both call and agent - the difference is very important!
bulletpartitions and access levels
bulletthresholds - skillset, application and agent


All Symposium software is created equal, the creativity of the programming and the quality of the training determines how useful the software is to your company...

Call GDS for your creative programming and quality training solution!


Important Symposium Notes:

bulletWe now have a Satisfaction Guarantee on our training classes!  We realize that some potential customers have already had training on Symposium, CCMA or CCMS that didn't completely meet your needs.  This makes them reluctant to pay for training again.  With our Satisfaction Guarantee, you have nothing to worry about.  Whether the class is taught on site or over the internet we guarantee your satisfaction.  The only catch is that you must stop the class by the end of the 1st hour and return all training materials that we provided.  If you give our training a try, you may want to leave a comment like the one below.


bulletCustomer Comment -

"You were fantastic Tara! Everyone agreed that you were one of the best trainers we've ever worked with, for any product. Thanks very much for making everything so easy to understand, and more than that you made it enjoyable."

-WM, Help Desk manager


bulletNeed to get your scripts reviewed?  Look at our new customer Scripting Review special.  We will let you know if there are any issues with your scripting, and work efficiently to correct all issues.  



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